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Thank you to our Generous Sponsors!

 Individual Donors


Celene Barnes

Cheryl Bildner

Linda Burke

Liza Colby

Jules Cook

Angela Currie

Cerissa Desrosiers 

Sheila Gardner

Katherine Harris

Cynthia Hess

Sue Kim

Matt and Annie Leary

Erica Lemoyne

Stephanie Malua

Jena Mottola

Celia Oliver

Jeannine Pablo

Anne Parsons

Dr. Hadassah Ramsay

John Randolph

Jacquelyn Reinert

Michael & Victoria Reinert

Kathryn Robbins

Rebecca Rouse

Dave Smith

Brittany St. Jean

Ekaterina Tolstikova

Robert Walrath, PsyD

Dr. Cynthia Whitaker

Julie Wolter


Many more anonymous donors!  Thank you

Corporate Sponsors


Other Donors

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and its donors including the Thomas W. Haas Fund and the John F. Swope Fund

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