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NHPA Educational Foundation Research Grant Proposal Guidelines

The New Hampshire Psychological Association Educational Foundation is issuing a Request for Proposals to promote education and research in the field of psychology for the benefit of NH students, organizations, stakeholders, and the community at large. A grant(s) up to $1,000 will be awarded through the fund to a graduate student or licensed mental health provider in New Hampshire to conduct research affecting mental health services in New Hampshire.

Guidelines include:

1.       Brief description of the project, including information on the need the project will address.
2.       Budget justification and project timeline.
3.       Description of proposed method (i.e., surveys, interviews, observations, etc.) and outcome
          measures (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, etc.)
4.       Must include connection to existing research
5.       Draft outline of the report you propose to be submitted to the board at the conclusion of the

Decision process:

An ad hoc committee of the NHPA Educational Foundation Board will review the applications and make recommendations on grant awards to the Board. The Foundation's Board of Directors will vote on final approval of grant(s).



This grant opportunity is on a rolling basis and funds will be considered and awarded depending on available funds at the time of submission. 

Submit proposal to:
Valerie M. Leyton, MA, LCMHC
NHPA Educational Foundation Research Grant Coordinator


The NHPA Educational Foundation Board welcomes questions from applicants. Please contact the Foundation at:

PHONE: 603-415-0451


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